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A step-up for when the waves really turn on. The most noticeable characteristics of this board are the slightly increased width and volume in the nose outline/chest area to allow for maximum paddle power and getting in early to set your line. Although it packs a bit more foam in that area of the board where it is needed, the rails are refined from nose to tail to provide plenty of hold and drive at higher speeds. Designed to to feel right at home in big, fast and steep waves. Also a great board of choice for those windy, winter days when it might not be massive but the current is ripping and the 6-mil is snug. Having a little more foam under your feet on days like this can be beneficial for several reasons.

  • Recommended Tail: Round Pin, Pin, Baby Swallow

  • Recommended Fins: Thruster, Quad or 5-Fin (option of Futures or FCS available on all boards)

  • Specifics: Continuous rocker || volume along stringer with tapered rail || single to double concave



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